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Golf will survive

Posted on: June 24, 2008 7:56 pm

I am not a golf fan per say but I did stop on Monday to watch some of Tiger and Rocco. In the past I have watched on Sundays as far back as Arnie, Jack, Lee and even Johnny Miller. Will I watch now, I have to say yes if it is newsworthy. Tiger being gone might just give golf a chance to spread its wings. There never has been a rivalry for Tiger and now we will have one year to inaugerate the new rival to Tiger Woods. Face it Phil is no competition and anyone else who has won a major never competed with Tiger again. Finally golf will get a chance to see if someone(hopefully 2 to 3 golfers) can consistantly place in the top 10 or better from week to week so the TV commercials can boast "Can Tiger get back and beat ???" "Will this be the first player to take over Tigers title" . It took way too long between Jack and Tiger but maybe without Tiger some young gun can emerge and gain just enough confidence to keep him in it so when Tiger comes back and crushes him he won't say "I'm just happy to be here" but  instead  "next time I'll beat him" that is what competetion is about.


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